Will Free Markets Recreate Corporate Capitalism?

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  • Song Name: Will Free Markets Recreate Corporate Capitalism
  • Artist: Kevin Carson
  • Year: 2015

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written by Kevin Carson
Read by Tony Dreher
Edited by Tony Dreher

Online article: https://c4ss.org/content/40154

Some anarchists and socialists argue that, even if markets can theoretically be non-capitalist, and non-capitalist market economies can exist, the dynamics of the market will eventually lead to the restoration of capitalism. The argument used by non-market anarchists and socialists is that, in a competitive market — even a competitive market of widespread distribution of the means of production and mostly self-employment or cooperative production — there will be winners and losers. The losers will go out of business, and go to work as wage laborers for the winners who buy them out...

The question, then, is whether a competitive marketplace without capitalistic distortions would, entirely through peaceful exchange, eventually be transformed into one with large concentrations of wealth and the predominance of wage labor. I argue that it would not.

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