Assist the Refugees, Abolish the Borders

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  • Song Name: Assist the Refugees, Abolish the Borders
  • Artist: Dylan Delikta

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written by Dylan Delikta
Read by Katrina Haffner
Edited by Nick Ford

Online article:


"We cannot let the tyranny of borders continue.

It is apparent, especially with the current mass migration of Syrian refugees without shelter or safety in Europe or elsewhere, that borders are inhumane and need to be abolished. Nation-states and their borders help perpetuate the “othering” of entire classes of people simply because they live on the wrong side of imaginary, political boundary lines.

Oppression is made all the more possible by political borders, both within and outside them. Borders create feelings of animosity that cause people to turn their backs on fellow humans simply because they come from a different region and don’t share their customs.

Borders also give politicians and their armies rationale to commit brutal acts against “the others,” whether humiliation, detainment or outright slaughter."

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