Freed Gender Identity as a Libertarian Issue

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  • Song Name: Freed Gender Identity as a Libertarian Issue
  • Artist: Mikayla Novak

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written Mikayla Novak
Read by Athena Roberts
Edited by Nick Ford

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"As I argue in Gender Identity and Libertarianism, presented by the Center for a Stateless Society, libertarians should champ at the bit to be at the forefront of efforts to emancipate gender identify from the stifling strictures of coercive statism and social traditionalism alike.

This is because libertarians believe in the primacy of individual freedoms, of extensive scale and scope, wherein people are free to choose, to act, and to be, for as long as they observe the equal rights of others to do the same.

Variance in gender identity has been a feature of humankind since its inception but, tragically, the freedom of transgender and other gender‑diverse people to identify, and express themselves in accordance, with their preferred gender identity continues to be stifled in numerous, and profoundly illiberal, ways."

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