Why I am a Left Libertarian

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  • Song Name: Why I am a Left Libertarian
  • Artist: Jeff Riggenbach

Read and Written by Jeff Riggenbach
Edited by Nick Ford

Online article: https://c4ss.org/content/39598


"Some libertarians are in the habit of saying, “We libertarians are neither Right nor Left; we are libertarians.” But no matter how emphatically they thump their chests while saying this, they’re wrong. They have allowed themselves to be deceived and misled by a political confidence game foisted on the American electorate beginning in the 1930s, when an opportunistic demagogue named Franklin Delano Roosevelt began passing off as the newest kind of “liberalism” a package of homilies and government programs that had traditionally been presented to the American public by the Republican Party, the party of big business, the party that was in favor of capitalism but opposed to the free market."

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