Even Cops Should Have the Right to Make an Honest Living

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  • Song Name: Even Cops Should Have the Right to Make an Honest Living
  • Artist: T.J. Scholl

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written T.J. Scholl
Read by Thomas J. Webb
Edited by Nick Ford

Online article: https://c4ss.org/content/38878


"Miami police officer Sabine Ramonvil experienced this particular brand of stigmatization firsthand when she was alerted that the internal affairs department of the Miami PD had begun an investigation regarding her past employment in the porn industry. Ramonvil, a young woman of color, acted in several pornographic films in 2009. The fact that Sunshine State busybodies found such an investigation necessary speaks volumes about both the ultimate purpose of law enforcement and the dramatic effect that patriarchal sexual mores have on the lives of marginalized individuals.

By singling out and reprimanding Ramonvil, law enforcement higher-ups are making it clear that sex workers aren’t fit for public service. Individuals whose personal sexual histories offend the traditionalist sensibilities of those in charge of maintaining the state’s monopoly on force are given the metaphorical Scarlett Letter and branded as untrustworthy deviants."

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