Fiorina Claims She’s Not Part of the “Professional Political Class”

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  • Song Name: Fiorina Claims She’s Not Part of the “Professional Political Class”
  • Artist: Chad Nelson

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written by Chad Nelson
Read by Tony Dreher
Edited by Nick Ford

Online article:

"The failure to see the American corporate-state partnership (also known as capitalism) is at the root of the problem. Fiorina and most other supposed free-marketers on the right see a sharp distinction between the public sector and private enterprise. This distinction is illusory.

Take for example Hewlett Packard, which Fiorina touts as her major selling point–she was HP’s CEO from 1999-2005. Like other large corporate behemoths, HP is a good-for-nothing welfare queen that derives a great deal of its earnings from feeding at the public trough, both directly and indirectly. HP’s history of being in bed with the United States government and other governments around the world put its former CEO Fiorina squarely in the professional political class she so readily condemns."

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