The Police Don’t Deserve Peace

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  • Song Name: The Police Don't Deserve Peace
  • Artist: Nick Ford

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written and Edited by Nick Ford
Read by Thomas J. Webb

Online article:

"It’s been three years and neither of the officers who shot Diaz have been brought to court, nor has anyone else in law enforcement been prosecuted for the crimes during the peaceful protesting or through the ten days of riots. Instead, the officers were put on “paid leave”.

Through this experience Huizar has recently concluded that she was wrong to call for peace, saying that, “I regret calling for peace because maybe if there would have been more of an uprising there wouldn’t have had to be Baltimore. … Too many murders, too many families suffering. Never forget, Never stop fighting. Even in the courts, don’t stop fighting.”


While I agree with Huizar that we cannot stop fighting, as an anarchist, I must dispute her methods. There is far too much on the line and the police should never be able to get a good night’s sleep. But that doesn’t mean we should use the courts as a primary means of redress"

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