The Dissent of the Governed (Part One of Two)

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  • Song Name: Dissent of the Governed (Part 1 of 2)
  • Artist: Gary Chartier
  • Album: Conscience of an Anarchist

This entry of Conscience of an Anarchist was

Written by Gary Chartier
Read by Stephen
Edited by Nick Ford

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"The Declaration has an answer to this question: a governmental authority might have the right to rule over me if I gave it that right. No one is naturally a ruler; but, suggests the Declaration, someone could acquire the authority of a ruler if the people she or he is supposed to rule consent. But it would be hard to point to any existing state whose authority rests on the actual consent of the governed. Have you consented to the authority of the state in whose territory you live—and conveyed your consent to the authorities? Have your friends? Do you know anyone who’s done so?"

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