Something Stinks in the Deodorant Debate

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  • Song Name: Something Stinks in the Deodorant Debate
  • Artist: Kevin Carson

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written by Kevin Carson
Read by Dylan Delikta
Edited by Nick Ford

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"I would guess that Sanders is probably under the misimpression that the 23 choices of deodorant and the enormous disparity of wealth in our economy are to a large extent results of “the free market system,” something that “unregulated capitalism” automatically produces if government doesn’t step in to prevent it. But I could be wrong; in the same interview, Sanders says he’s “worried how free the market is.” If by that he’s suggesting the market isn’t really free at all, and the game is rigged in favor of big business, he’s probably better informed on “the fundamentals” than Krayewski is.

I do know that someone who defends the 23 brands of deodorant and the fortunes of “the wealthy,” or any other major aspects of American capitalism as it’s developed over the past century, as the result of “the freeing of markets,” has very little room to accuse anyone else of economic illiteracy."

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