Jeff Riggenbach Reads: Benjamin Tucker, Boston Anarchist

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  • Song Name: Benjamin Tucker, Boston Anarchist
  • Artist: Cory Massimino

Intro/Outro and read by Jeff Riggenbach
Written by Cory Massimino
Edited by Nick Ford

Online article:


"Tucker and his fellow individualist anarchists were anti-capitalist, but pro-free market. They viewed capitalism as representative of a statist economy that artificially benefited capitalists at the expense of laborers by extracting surplus value through artificial rents. Tucker thought the fruits of the laboring classes are systematically and coercively taken by the elites under statism. He viewed the State as propagator of the ruling class. Tucker identified the four big monopolies: money, land, patent, and tariff (Charles Johnson has identified even more). The role of these monopolies are to concentrate capital in the hands of a few and create a wage system. But the origin of these monopolies lies, not in the free market, but in the State."

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