Context Keeping and Community Organizing

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  • Song Name: Not New Recife: The Old Collusion, The Old Elitist Left
  • Artist: Eduardo Lopes

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written by Eduardo Lopes |
Read by Erick Vasconcelos
Edited by Nick Ford

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"The José Estelita Dock is a 0.8 mile land area, an entire neighborhood in the center of Recife. The land is coveted both by construction companies and by the political class, which ostensibly utilizes urban land as political bargaining chip and a way to acquire campaign financing. Even though these facts theoretically bothered Recife’s militant middle class left, the collusion of the state and corporations seems to have taken a backseat, while they stare in shock at the number of tall buildings the developers plan to erect."

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