Toward a New Lexicon of Liberty

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  • Song Name: Toward a New Lexicon of Liberty
  • Artist: David S D'Amato

Intro/Outro by Jeff Riggenbach
Written by David S. D'Amato
Read by Dylan Delikta
Edited by Nick Ford

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"Libertarianism is viewed in the mainstream political conversation as the ideology of capitalism, of corporate greed and a toxic expression of globalization, McDonalds, Nike, and all the rest nodding along to rote libertarian defenses of sweatshops, phony and politically-corrupted “privatization,” and free trade agreements that include stringent intellectual property provisions.

It’s really no wonder that people who care generally about fairness and about helping the poor and less fortunate avoid libertarianism at all costs, despite the fact that we libertarians actually have very good explanations for economic injustices and the realities of concentrated wealth."

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